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Your Mind is in Your Body: Thoughts as Invitations into The Body

I want to address something that happens in the somatic field (sometimes unintentionally, but not without root).

The thing that happens is that the concept of 'the body' is separated from the concept of 'the mind.' In doing so, thinking is positioned in opposition to feeling.

This is a colonial legacy.

Patterns of silo-ing parts of ourselves (or, perhaps more accurately, parts of others) are rooted in white supremacy (read more in 'Decolonizing Trauma Work' by Renee Linklater). Compartmentalizing and binary thinking is clean, simple, and facilitates dehumanization in a way a grounded reality never could.

But, we are human... and we have big brains! In part because our lives are not simple and streamlined, but layered and multiplicitous.

So the truth really is that our minds are in our bodies

Which is to say: yes, we can make space for our thoughts. Our thoughts are incredibly important and they are not the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Thoughts, much like everything else, are shaped by colonial and cultural perceptions, and they are also powerfully individual.

As we heal, we can grow our capacity to be with our thoughts, as well as our emotions, body sensations, and other present moment experiences.

We can use boundaries, skills, relationships, and more to help us safely experience our thoughts so that we can become curious about what is also happening, rather than being hijacked by our thoughts.

We can learn to experiment and practice choice with our thoughts, and how they interact with our emotions and behaviors.

Thoughts are one of many doors into other realms of ourselves and our healing possibilities.

So thank you, thoughts. This one goes out to you.


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