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Listen: Helping Clients with Identity in Trauma Treatment with Raina LaGrand @Trauma Treatment Collective Podcast. 2022.

Read: Meet Raina LaGrand @ Canvas Rebel. 2022.

Listen: Liberation through Joy, Play, Pleasure and Movement With Raina LaGrand of Root to Rise Somatics @The Living Open Podcast. 2022.

Watch: Redefining #HotGirlSummer: Black Women & Body Image @ Collaborative ChangeMakers. 2021.

Watch: Real Talk with Mental Health Professionals @ Michigan Black Therapy Fund. 2021.

Listen: How Emotions and Trauma are Held in the Body @ The Body Nerd Show. 2021.

Listen: Financial Healing @ Mind Money Balance Podcast. 2021.

Read: Through the Prism: How Colorism Affects the Black Community. @ Michigan Chronicle. 2021.

Read: Hidden Gems: Meet Raina LaGrand of Root to Rise Somatics @ Voyage Michigan. 2021.

Watch: What is Racial Trauma? @ Ann Arbor District Library. 2020.

Watch: Coping with COVID-19 Related Stress @ Ann Arbor District Library. 2020.

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