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Inside and Out


An Online Half-Day Belonging Retreat for Mixed Folk

*pay what you can / free*

Sunday, August 4th

12 - 4 pm ET

9 am - 1 pm PT

Register Here

This retreat is FREE, but there will be a link to send money after you register if you'd like to support the time, energy, and expertise I am bringing to this program. You can name the amount that feels honoring of your financial capacity.

– Pay $50 or more and get access to my Resource Library, which contains all past workshop replays, e-guides and worksheets I've developed, and some of my favorite resources by others as well. – 

A blend of somatics, yoga, mindfulness, dance, and community dialogue we’ll explore the following questions with curiosity and tenderness:

What does belonging (or nonbelonging) feel like in your body?

What do you do (or not do) in order to belong (or not be rejected)?

In what ways do you recoil from or push away connection?

What’s possible when you feel a sense of inner belonging / of belonging to yourself?

How does knowing and honoring your body’s needs and desires shape your ability to be more present with others?

What is needed for you to be able to seek out and take in connection?

Meet Your Guide

Hi, I'm Raina (she/her)

I’m a somatic therapist and yoga teacher specializing in racial identity, trauma, relationships and belonging.

My ancestors found home on the lands we now call Cameroon, West Africa, Turkey, England, Ireland, Scotland, Greece, and Albania.

I’ve lived my entire life at the intersection of this and that.

So I understand firsthand what it’s like to struggle with belonging and feeling generally safe and at home in your body and relationships.

I’m thrilled to share with you a series of exercises that will help you experience belonging from the inside-out so you can cultivate the beloved community you’ve always dreamed of.

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