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Emotional Intelligence & Embodiment Education for Professionals
Educational Trainings, Experiential Workshops, & Restorative Retreats
with Raina LaGrand, Somatic Trauma Therapist

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Available Programs

Your Nervous System & Your Relationships at Work

Learn what the nervous system is, what it does, and how instrumental it is to relationship building, effective communication, and navigating conflict. Participants will be guided in creating their own personal “map” of their nervous system and will be introduced to somatic strategies for staying grounded in difficult interpersonal situations.

Style: Experiential Workshop

Length: 2-3 hrs

Included: Digital Conflict & Connection Guide with emotion regulation strategies

Secondary Trauma & Self Care

In professions and settings where individuals are regularly exposed to stories and experiences of trauma, secondary trauma is often pervasive and persistent. Constantly bearing witness to others’ suffering is understandably taxing. This workshop is designed to help participants identify signs of secondary trauma in themselves and develop an action plan to both reduce and respond to their own secondary trauma responses. 

Style: Experiential Workshop

Length: 2-3 hrs

Included: Digital Conflict & Connection Guide with emotion regulation strategies

Intergenerational Trauma & Unprocessed Grief

The trauma caused by colonization, displacement, and systemic oppression echoes through generations. These deep emotional wounds shape our physical health, relationships, and more, but they often go unrecognized and unhealed. In this presentation we will examine the roots of intergenerational trauma, the impact on individuals and cultural communities (with particular attention to grief), and what actions and interventions can empower people towards healing and liberation.

Style: Presentation

Length: 1 hr 15 mins

Good to Notice: Introduction to Somatic Awareness, Being, Presence, and Rest

Our bodies carry this question of “what’s next?” deep within. It’s a natural and reasonable survival tactic intended to help us respond quickly and effectively and is strengthened by experiences that have required hypervigilance. And while our survival certainly relies on our ability to be prepared and responsive, our capacity to grow and thrive asks us to divest from urgency and doing and become incredibly curious about being in the present moment and noticing what is. In this workshop, I’ll facilitate somatic awareness exercises that will help you safely experience being over doing so that you can feel more connected to yourself and others.

Style: Experiential Workshop

Length: 2 hrs

The Belonging Wound: Mixed Identity, Racial Trauma, and Relationships 

Mixed people are more common than ever, but that doesn’t mean that we are beacons of a new world. In fact, many studies have shown that multiracial people are more likely to struggle with mental health, yet less likely to seek support. Research on the general population also illuminates that social isolation and loneliness are root issues and are actually more harmful to our health than many other health behaviors, such as smoking or sedentary behavior. Situating the unique experience of isolation and non-belonging in multiracial and multicultural individuals within the sociopolitical histories of colonialism and white supremacy, this talk offers critical insight on the challenges of being mixed and provides hope for areas where individuals and systems can intervene.

Style: Presentation

Length: 1 hr 15 mins

Belonging & the Body

In 2023 the U.S. Surgeon General made a public advisory about an epidemic of loneliness and isolation. More than half of adults report experience measurable loneliness and emerging research reveals the impact on our health is even more harmful than behaviors such as smoking. As a relational somatic therapist I see firsthand the physical and emotional distress and discomfort many individuals experience when it comes to relationships, connection, and a sense of belonging. Somatic practice offers a way to (re)learn and experience belonging from the inside out. Through a series of mindfulness and somatic exercises, participants will be guided in exploring what it actually feels like to belong and how to cultivate stronger, more fulfilling connections with others.

Style: Experiential Workshop / Retreat Style

Length: varies 1 hr - 4 hrs

What people are saying

"Working with Raina to develop services for our students at the UM School of Music, Theatre & Dance was an absolute pleasure! She listened to our concerns with care and helped us design both asynchronous content and a weekly BIPOC Wellness Coaching Group for our students. Raina exudes warmth and a deep embodied understanding of the students' lived experience. I highly recommend Raina to anyone looking to explore their well-being in a meaningful and supported way."

Paola Savvidou

Wellness Initiative Program Manager, UM School of Music, Theatre & Dance


'Raina did an amazing job of meeting students where they were at while also really digging into the intergenerational impacts of especially racialized trauma and how to help people heal. She offered such a healing presence and an interactive style of presentation. Students quickly felt at ease with Raina and engaged in the somatic practices that she introduced them to. Raina does a great job of both helping students to understand really sophisticated concepts and also giving them tools to resource themselves as they do both self and professional work around trauma. Students gained a much better understanding of both the substance of intergenerational racialized trauma and the processes of the diverse set of therapy methods that Raina uses."

Finn Bell, MSW, PhD,

Assistant Professor of Human Services, University of Michigan-Dearborn

"My organization (a social justice community organizing organization) hired Raina to do a support/healing session after we went through some very difficult challenges that were outside of control. We are primarily a BIPOC organization (88% BIPOC), so it was important to find someone who understood racism and how it impacts our well being. I also wanted to work with someone who understood what the life of an organizer is like and how hard it can be. All this led me to Raina. She was so easy to work with, flexible, kind, and prepared. She held a healing/processing space for our team that was both restorative but also had some really great takeaway mindfulness practices. She also worked one on one with the staff for support sessions. I heard great feedback from our team about their experiences with her. I highly recommend her services for anyone seeking individual therapy, or for groups who are looking to bring in a mental health expert who is aware of race, class, and how impacts our bodies."

Maria Ibarra-Frayre

Deputy Director, We The People - Michigan

Also Available:

Choose From a Wide Range of Topics, Tailored to your Audience

Grief Support Sessions

I facilitate grief support sessions for organizations navigating the loss of coworkers.

Trauma-Informed Practice

Learn about trauma-informed practice as it pertains to your employees or the people you serve. Together, we can think through how to make your company and the work you do more trauma-informed.

Somatics, Embodiment & Self-Care

Want to know more about how somatics can support your work? Or maybe you just want a self-care style workshop for your employees? I can customize a training for your organization that includes yoga, mindfulness, somatic education, and more.

Clinical Practice

Bring me to your agency or therapy practice and I'll execute a continuing education program on trauma, somatics, mindfulness, racial identity, or a topic of your choosing 

Racial Identity & Belonging

In my clinical practice, I specialize in supporting mixed race individuals and interracial couples. If your company wants to learn more about working with these groups, or perhaps you have an ERG dedicated to multiracial individuals, I can work with you to offer something supportive.

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This is a photo of Raina LaGrand, therapist for mixed race adults and interracial couples

Hi, I'm Raina.

I’m a somatic trauma therapist, coach, yoga teacher, and speaker/facilitator on Anishaanabe land (Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA) specializing in racial identity, trauma, relationships, and embodiment.


I provide embodiment-based workshops and trainings for companies invested in emotional intelligence and social justice. As a speaker, I bring almost a decade of experience providing direct service and over 15 years experience working as a health educator and workshop facilitator.


Media Features

See where I've been and get a taste for my style by checking out my media features. These are some of my favorites, but you can browse all media features here.


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Raina LaGrand on Five Things We Can Each Do To Help Solve the Loneliness Epidemic  Authority Magazine. 2023.

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What is Racial Trauma? @ Ann Arbor District Library. 2020.

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