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How do we find belonging when our identity doesn't feel simple?

Racial Identity & Community-Building Coaching
for Biracial & Multiracial People

At our core, we all want to belong. We want to feel understood by others. We want to feel like there is a place for us in this world.

This is especially true for those of us who identify as Mixed, Biracial, or Multiracial. In a culture where people find belonging through identity we are often left to figure things out for ourselves.

The question "who are you?" is one many of my clients struggle with, and that I used to struggle with too.

When you carry multiple lineages of ancestry (or even just identities that are culturally considered "contrasting") it can feel like you have to pick and choose elements of who you are in order to belong and receive care.

But you don't have to choose.


There doesn't have to be one single narrative for your life. You can own and embody every aspect of your identity and experience.

It's from that place that you'll be able to build relationships that feel good. It's from that place that you can cultivate the community you've always dreamed of.

Ready to embody your identities with confidence and start building that community?

What are sessions like?



We'll begin each session with centering. This can time for you to settle in silently or I can facilitate a simple practice. The goal is for you to fully transition to our time together, and to notice what's coming up for you and how you want to spend our time.


Setting the Frame


It's important that we generally have one focus area each session. If there are multiple things pulling at you, we can start with one and see if we have time for more. It's also possible that we might be able to find a common theme amongst them.


Focused Exploration


This is the "meat" of our session. Depending on what's coming up for you we may do more talking or we may do more somatic stuff. This could include grounding practice, exploring sensation or experimenting with different postures, and more.


Connection to Goals


Toward the end of the session, let's check in on your overarching goals. We'll notice what you're taking with you from the session and what you'd like to explore more in future sessions.

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