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Experience Belonging from the Inside Out

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At our core, we all want to belong.


We want to feel understood by others. We want to feel like there is a place for us in this world.

This is especially true for those of us who identify as Mixed, Bi/Multiracial or Bi/Multicultural. In a society where people find belonging through identity we are often left to figure things out for ourselves.

 Do any of the following sound like you?

  • You don’t feel like you have a strong racial or cultural identity

  • Questions like 'who are you?' or 'what are you?' send you into a panic

  • You feel racial imposter syndrome big time

  • Social anxiety stops you from seeking out the kinds of friendships you're craving

  • You constantly have to defend yourself against family members who question your identity

When you carry multiple lineages of ancestry (or even just identities that are culturally considered "contrasting") it can feel like you have to prove who you are or pick and choose elements of who you are in order to belong and receive care.

But it doesn't have to be that way.


You can own and embody every aspect of your identity and experience.

It's from that place that you'll be able to build relationships that feel good. It's from that place that you can cultivate the community you've always dreamed of.

Identity & Belonging Coaching
for Multicultural & Multiracial People

Befriend Your Body

You might be asking yourself, “why do I feel this way?” or “why do I always do this?”. Together, we’ll explore your patterns and where they come from. From there, You can make choices that are more in alignment with what feels good. Imagine being present in life and feeling capable of meeting your own needs instead of feeling completely overwhelmed or looking to others to fix you.

Speak Your Truth


You've rewritten your narrative a million times. So often as mixed people we fall into people pleasing and shape shifting. Imagine feeling more comfortable talking about your identity, and feeling capable of handling people who question it. Imagine embracing the ways your identity evolves over time.

Some of What's Possible if We Work Together

Find peace with your family

Do you feel like you've had to push for your family to see you more fully? Do you have to defend yourself from unsolicited feedback about your identity? Imagine feeling more clear about what you want your relationship with your family to look like and confidently communicating your boundaries.

Cultivate the relationships you've always dreamed of

You want to feel a sense of community. I’ll help you get clear on what you value in friendship so you can suss out the right people, and take actions to make new friends and get closer to your existing friends. Imagine having relationships where you can just be yourself.

Fee & FAQ

Sessions are 50-minutes long and are $220.

Coaching sessions are not psychotherapy and are therefore not eligible for insurance.

I offer a few short-term (3-month) sliding scale spots for one-on-one services, and the availability for these varies.
For answers to other questions you might have about my fees, practice, or scheduling check out my very thorough FAQ page.


Ready to schedule your free 20-minute consultation? You can do so using the button below. I hope to see your name on my calendar!

Words from a former client

"Before working with Raina, I was struggling with a sense of belonging as a mixed person, and a lot of fears around potential rejection and what others thought of me. Now I feel much more grounded in my own sense of self and able to distinguish others' needs from my own. I'm confident that I can build relationships that feel good for me from a place of authenticity, and can hold space for any fears or nerves that arise. Our work together has helped me feel more deeply rooted into myself and my ancestry. I really appreciated having a therapist with lived experience of being mixed. This is the first time I've been able to work with a mixed therapist, and it helped so much to have that understanding and validation of how much being mixed really does impact mental health and sense of self." 

- K. D.

Concrete Wall

What are sessions like?

My clients describe me as warm, approachable, and having a sense of humor. ​I view our work as a collaboration and myself as a guide who walks alongside you. As much as I will support you in feeling the things that have been difficult to feel, there may also be times when I invite you to play or be silly in our sessions.

Liberation and decolonization are deep values of mine that I work to live out through my role as a therapist everyday. I am very intentional not to project any "shoulds" or shame on you. One thing being a somatic practitioner has taught me is how damn wise our bodies really are. My training in trauma treatment helps me help you see that too. I've had many clients express that they have learned more about themselves in one session with me than months/years of working with other therapists. 

Every session has it's own vibe. There may be times when we are talking more; there may be times when we are not talking at all and using more somatic methods. At the beginning of each session I offer the option for a brief mindfulness practice to help you ground and center, though sometimes folks are ready to just dive in and that's fine too. I find sessions are usually most fruitful when we can focus on one, maybe two things, and go deep with them. Sessions are not you telling me about your week, but us exploring your body and emotions in an experiential way.I consider it a true honor to support my clients and I'd be delighted to do the same for you.

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