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You're not broken,
you're just stuck

Trauma Therapy for all Identities
A Somatic Approach Using Mindfulness, Movement, & Touch

Feeling stuck?

Do you struggle with anxiety or depression?  Do you feel imprisoned by what triggers you? Do you struggle with maintaining relationships or feeling a sense of belonging?


Chances are your body is stuck in a state of self-defense.

You’re not broken.


Though it might not always feel incredibly helpful, these defensive states are our bodies' way of looking out for us. 


When I first started learning about trauma, stress, and the nervous system I felt like everything finally made sense. I felt like I finally made sense. And I felt like I had options. 

You can feel better in your body.


Just like your body looks out for you, I can help you look out for your body in return.​​​

The people I work with struggle with things like confidence, insecurities and shame, feeling triggered, avoidance and procrastination, rejection sensitivity, making or maintaining healthy and satisfying relationships, setting boundaries, expressing needs, social anxiety, and more. I enjoy working with those with developmental and/or relational trauma.

My somatic approach helps you get more connected to yourself and feel better in your body so that you can more easily connect to others.

Learn more about the history and purpose of somatic approaches on my blog.

Concrete Wall
Benefits of Working Together
Befriend Your Body

You might be asking yourself, “why do I feel this way?” or “why do I always do this?”. Together, we’ll explore your patterns and where they come from. From there, You can make choices that are more in alignment with what feels good. Imagine being present in life and feeling capable of meeting your own needs instead of feeling completely overwhelmed or looking to others to fix you.

Release stuck trauma


Trauma isn't what happened to us, it's the impact of experiencing something that is too much for our nervous system to handle. As a result, trauma leaves us stuck with chronic patterns of tension, shame, panic, impulsivity, and more. Through somatic processing strategies, such as sensorimotor psychotherapy, we can help your body move trauma that is stuck in your body.

Concrete Wall
Find peace with your past

Grief is a huge part of trauma that is not often talked about. When you experience trauma, it can feel like you've lost something - whether that be losing you've, losing your sense of safety, or losing certain relationships, for instance. Together we can find peace with your story and write new chapters.

Cultivate the life you've always dreamed of

You might feel isolated as a result of your trauma, or feel anxious about going out and meeting new people. Maybe you are wishing for a different career, or the courage to try a new hobby. We can help you develop the skills and emotional strength to go out there and create the life you want!

Fee & FAQ

Sessions are 50-minutes long and are $220.

I do not accept insurance. If your insurance plan offers out-of-network benefits I can provide you with what's called a 'superbill' which you can submit to your insurance company for partial to full reimbursement.

I offer a few short-term (3-month) sliding scale spots for one-on-one services, and the availability for these varies. These are also reserved for those who are not able to use out-of-network insurance benefits.
For answers to other questions you might have about my fees
, scheduling, or using insurance benefits check out my very thorough FAQ page.


Ready to schedule your free 20-minute consultation? You can do so using the button below. I hope to see your name on my calendar!

What are sessions like?

My clients describe me as warm, approachable, and having a sense of humor. ​I view our work as a collaboration and myself as a guide who walks alongside you. As much as I will support you in feeling the things that have been difficult to feel, there may also be times when I invite you to play or be silly in our sessions.

Liberation and decolonization are deep values of mine that I work to live out through my role as a therapist everyday. I am very intentional not to project any "shoulds" or shame on you. One thing being a somatic practitioner has taught me is how damn wise our bodies really are. My training in trauma treatment helps me help you see that too. I've had many clients express that they have learned more about themselves in one session with me than months/years of working with other therapists. 

Every session has it's own vibe. There may be times when we are talking more; there may be times when we are not talking at all and using more somatic methods. At the beginning of each session I offer the option for a brief mindfulness practice to help you ground and center, though sometimes folks are ready to just dive in and that's fine too. I find sessions are usually most fruitful when we can focus on one, maybe two things, and go deep with them. Sessions are not you telling me about your week, but us exploring your body and emotions in an experiential way.

I consider it a true honor to support my clients and I'd be delighted to do the same for you.


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