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Belonging is within reach.

Heal Your Belonging Wound
The video practice that will help you finally cultivate a sense of belonging you can feel from the inside out.

Welcome, mixed person.


As a mixed person myself, I understand firsthand how your layered racial and cultural identities mean that you have the potential to belong to many different groups, while simultaneously being at risk of being viewed by others as an outsider. Because of that, you might avoid putting yourself out there, run away as soon as you smell rejection, or continually find yourself in relationships that feel superficial, even stressful.


These protective patterns and insecurities around identity and belonging are such a common experience across all the mixed clients I work with that I named it The Belonging Wound. For many of us, belonging feels quite elusive.


But, what if I told you that you could cultivate a sense of belonging you can take with you everywhere? And that it would be a north star guiding you toward relationships where you can really trust that you belong? 


In this video practice, I’ll walk you through a series of exercises that will teach you how to do just that. As a result, you’ll be able to spend more time enjoying your experiences instead of ruminating on the possibility that you’ll never experience belonging.

This free practice is perfect for you if:

✔️ You’re mixed, meaning you are biracial, multiracial, bicultural, multicultural, etc. Look, basically if the term mixed fits for you, you’re welcome here.
✔️ You don't feel like you belong or have community. You're used to feeling like an outsider.
✔️ You’ve tried to build community (or put yourself out there in other ways, like dating or at work) but you never feel that connected or fulfilled.
✔️ You’re struggling to talk or think your way out of things. You need an approach that gets beneath the surface. 

What to expect:

In this video practice I guide you through a grounding practice and an exercise to cultivate a sense of belonging from the inside out.


When you sign up for this you’ll receive:


  • An 23-minute video of me doing the exercises

  • A worksheet and an e-book for reflecting on your experience

  • A couple follow up e-mails with more perspective on your belonging journey

Hi, I'm Raina.

I’m a somatic therapist, coach, yoga teacher, speaker, and facilitator specializing in racial identity, relationships, trauma, and embodiment. I help mixed adults like you build community and experience an unshakeable feeling of belonging with others while feeling emotionally grounded and at home in your body. I came up with this video practice to address the belonging wound, a term I coined that describes the presence of deeply held protective patterns & insecurities around identity & belonging that many mixed people experience. This video practice is specially crafted with the unique mental and relational health needs of mixed people in mind. 

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