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Feel emotionally grounded and confident in your mixed identity with somatic practice

The Free
Embodiment Essentials
for Mixed People

A free 3-day minicourse of somatic practices for coping with triggers and building confidence so you can finally feel confident in your mixed identity and take up space. Learn embodiment basics that will help you find your strength.

This free minicourse is perfect for you if:

✔️ You’re mixed, meaning you are biracial, multiracial, bicultural, multicultural, etc. Look, basically if the term mixed fits for you, you’re welcome here.
✔️ You don't feel like you belong or have community. You're used to feeling like an outsider and you're no stranger to rejection.
✔️ You are interested in an approach to healing that takes into account racism, politics, and history affecting mixed people.
✔️ You're used to people telling you how you should identify or that you're not really [insert your identity here]. It's depleted your confidence levels.
✔️ You’ve tried to build community, but you always get spooked that you’re overstepping and unwelcome.
✔️ You’ve tried thinking or talk-therapying your way out of your anxiety, but the intrusive thoughts that something might be fundamentally wrong with you keep coming.

Over the course of 3 days you'll learn:

Day One ➝ Self-regulation strategies to cope with feeling triggered or emotionally overwhelmed. Finally, you’ll start to feel confident in your ability to feel your feelings and do hard things!

Day Two ➝ The importance of sovereignty over your own body and life. Explore how connecting with your body can help you balance your personal boundaries and innate need for connection. Feel agency over your body and life.


Day Three ➝ How to literally build confidence into your body. Explore mindful strength practices that will help you develop a sense of dignity and self-worth that you can take with you everywhere you go.

Hi, I'm Raina.

I’m a somatic therapist, coach, yoga teacher, speaker, and facilitator specializing in racial identity, relationships, trauma, and embodiment. I help mixed adults and interracial couples cultivate belonging from the inside out. I came up with this minicourse because I saw a need for programs and services that address the unique challenges we (mixed people) face as “inbetweeners.” This minicourse is specially crafted with the unique mental and relational health needs of mixed people in mind.

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