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Understand each other.
Feel emotionally connected.

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Couples Therapy
for Interracial Couples

Interracial couples face unique challenges around connection and communication.​


Our identities have significant impacts on the ways we experience the world, how we choose to behave in it, and what we expect from it. They are highly relevant in our relationships and when we don’t treat them as such it’s only natural to feel misunderstood and disconnected, or for defensiveness and hostility to brew.

Interracial couples are more common than ever.

Many couples come to me because they want to build healthier, more vibrant relationships than they saw in their families or communities growing up. None of us grew up in a perfect environment. Our culture is one where emotions are often avoided, needs are sometimes criticized, and generative conflict isn't usually modeled. So when it comes down to it, navigating challenges in our relationships is certainly never a simple or easy task, in part because we haven't been taught how to do so!

Maybe you are experiencing one of these raw moments in your relationship. Or perhaps you want to do the work of honoring and intentionally preparing for these dynamics.

You are in the right place.

I specialize in working with interracial couples, including Queer couples, mixed orientation couples, kinky couples, polycules, and those practicing or interested in non-monogamy. 

I believe the relationships we choose are opportunities to practice new behaviors and values that weren't available to us in previous relationships. I promise you that with intentionality and skill we can welcome in your differences and disagreements to foster deeper connection and fulfillment.​

Ready to schedule your free 20-minute consultation? You can do so using the button below. I look forward to the possibility of supporting your relationship.

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Benefits of Working Together

Understand Each Other More


I can help you learn to listen for not just what your partner is saying, but what they are feeling. Likewise, you’ll learn how to speak more clearly for your own feelings and needs.

Handle Conflict Better


Get unstuck from your usual conflict cycles. Learn how to help yourself and help each other when things get tense. 

Feel More Connected

Learn the importance of curiosity, playfulness, and reciprocity in your relationship. Develop habits around expressing affection, offering pleasure, and just generally supporting one another.

Create an Intentional Relationship


Where do your dreams overlap and where do they differ? I’ll help you identify what you need to feel secure in your relationship as well as how you can respect each other's autonomy.

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What are sessions like?

The Overview

Our first meeting we'll talk in depth about why you're in couples therapy and what your goals are.


During the second session I meet with each partner individually for 30-40 minutes. This is an opportunity for me to learn a little more about you as an individual and for you to share anything else you want me to know about your relationship. This isn't secret time, but rather an opportunity for me to know what might be hardest topics for you to bring up with your partner.

Moving forward, we'll generally meet all together. Individual sessions can be requested or may be suggested along the way.

The Details



We'll begin each session with centering. This can time for you to settle in silently or I can facilitate a simple practice. The goal is for you to fully transition to our time together, and to notice what's coming up for you and how you want to spend our time.


Setting the Frame


It's important that we generally have one focus area each session. If there are multiple things pulling at you, we can start with one and see if we have time for more. It's also possible that we might be able to find a common theme amongst them.


Focused Exploration


This is the "meat" of our session. Depending on what's coming up for you we may do more talking or we may do more somatic stuff. This could include grounding practice, exploring sensation or experimenting with different postures, and more.


Connection to Goals


Toward the end of the session, let's check in on your overarching goals. We'll notice what you're taking with you from the session and what you'd like to explore more in future sessions.

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