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Discover how an embodied approach to healing can help you feel emotionally grounded, validated in your mixed identity, and empowered to have fulfilling relationships with people who have your back.


A virtual group healing program designed to help multiracial and multicultural people feel connected to themselves and others.

Tree Roots
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You’re entire life people have been making assumptions about you, telling you what race you are, or making you feel like you’re not enough. 
The invalidation has been exhausting and isolating and a total blow to your confidence.

You don’t have a sense of community and you don’t feel like you belong anywhere. 
And now you live in a state of self-protection, doing what you need to get by without getting hurt or being a burden to others.  
You might worry that something is inherently wrong with you because even when you do make connections, you often don’t really believe that people actually like you! It’s hard to trust people or feel like you can call on them when you need something.

And while these patterns make so much sense, they also make it hard to feel at peace with your mixed identity or fulfilled in your relationships.
I know we might not have met yet, but my hunch is that you actually can feel at peace with, even proud of, your identity and experience deep belonging. I know it's possible because I've sat alongside many mixed folks on this journey.
Find Your Roots is a 4 month group healing program for mixed people that integrates:

- somatic (mindful body-based) practices
- nervous system regulation
- self-compassion work
- parts work
- yoga
- and mindful strength building.

Inside, I'll help you build a compassionate, working relationship with your body and your emotions so that you can feel safe in your body and secure to take the risks that are needed to bring your life into greater alignment with your needs and desires.

Bringing this work into group spaces has been a really special experience. Building mixed community is equally important to inner work when it comes to feeling good about yourself and truly enjoying your life. I hope to have you in our lil' community!
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Allow me to introduce myself..

I'm Raina (she/her).

I’m a somatic therapist, coach, yoga teacher, and space holder specializing in racial identity, relationships, trauma, and embodiment.

My ancestors found home on the lands we now call
Cameroon, Turkey, England, Ireland, Scotland, Greece, Albania. I was born and raised in southern Michigan, growing up a nerdy and awkward mixed girl in a super segregated city. 

So I understand firsthand - being multiracial or multicultural can be...hard. 

My mission is to help mixed folks experience belonging from the inside out through community and somatic practice, which is why I created this program.

Learn more about me and say hi on socials👇🏽

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What's possible for you when you join us:
1 / You'll have a loving relationship with your body and emotions
You won't spiral as soon as shit goes south, and you'll also recover faster. You'll really understand your body and emotions and won't feel as pressed to get away from discomfort. You might even start to...TRUST yourself! I know! Wild!
2 / You'll feel validated in your identity
You'll gain a sense of confidence and self-worth that isn’t dependent on other people’s approval. You'll learn how to embrace all of who you are and get clear on how you want to life your life.
3 / You'll feel more comfortable taking up space
You won't feel as guilty for having needs and boundaries or being selective about who you allow into your inner circle. You'll be more comfortable expressing yourself and asking for what you need. 
4 / You'll feel more emotionally connected to others
You won't see rejection around every corner. You'll start to feel more open to connection (with the right people). You'll start putting yourself out there more, and this time you'll really trust that other people do, in fact, want to hang out with you.
5 / And you'll just generally feel so freaking validated
Hands down, one of the best parts of this program is the chance to hear other mixed people's stories and be like, YESS! ME TOO! It’s so, so powerful.

The Details


The Retreat

Embodied Dignity
April 13 · 11 am - 3:30 pm ET / 8 am - 12:30 pm PT

During the retreat you'll learn somatic strategies for grounding and stabilizing yourself. We'll explore how these skills can increase your capacity for discomfort and living in the in-between. Then we'll do a yoga practice focused on embodied dignity and your worthiness of love, belonging, success, safety, and so much more.

Group Session #1

April 26 · 12 - 2 pm ET / 9 -11 am PT

I'll walk you through cultivating somatic awareness and attuning to your inner world. We'll use somatic parts work to get to know different parts of you, and what their desires and fears are. This session will help you gain clarity on your emotions and how they can actually help you navigate your experiences with more ease.

Group Session #2: 

Personal Sovereignty
May 10 · 12 - 2 pm ET / 9 -11 am PT

We'll create an expansive understanding of who you are. I'll walk you through practices and reflection exercises that will celebrate your multiplicity. Then, building on our dignity practice, we'll explore more practices related to your agency and power.

Group Session #3

Grief & Rage
May 24 · 12 - 2 pm ET / 9 -11 am PT

I'll guide you in identifying some of the grief and burdens you've been carrying as a mixed person. We'll share in a ritual to help you release what's ready to be released. We'll also explore what supports you want to add to your life to facilitate grief and other emotions moving through you.

Group Session #4

Relational Presence
June 7 · 12 - 2 pm ET / 9 -11 am PT

Explore practices that will help you feel more connected to the people in your life and/or develop new connections. You'll also gain new conflict skills that build on other skills and practices from previous sessions.

Group Session #5

Liminality and Playful Risk

June 21 · 12 - 2 pm ET / 9 -11 am PT

Explore a playful yoga practice focused on helping you develop inner strength for being in the inbetween and confidence to take risks that will open up possibility for you. Reflect on how far you've come and set intentions for how you want to move forward from our work together.

What Others Are Saying

“When experiences are designed with you in mind from the beginning, it can be so affirming. Working with Raina was like finally having all the dots connect. As a person who is never just this or that, I find my experience is never fully accounted for in other spaces that center binaries. Raina's ability to weave theory, lived experience and practice together, designed for me as a mixed person, was deeply resonant. I also found it validating to be in a space where I was surrounded by people who get a lot of my lived experience without question, and to hear my experience reflected back to me. It was a joy to work with Raina and my group mates."

This program is for you if:

- You’re mixed. If you identify as Mixed, mixed race, biracial, multiracial, or bi- or multicultural you are welcome to attend! I welcome my mixed sibs of all skin tones; I know sometimes my lighter-skinned mixed friends feel insecure about their mixed-ness. No judgement or assumptions here; if you feel like this program speaks at all to your experience you are welcome.
- You’re interested in an embodied approach to healing. Maybe you’ve tried yoga, mindfulness, or somatic therapy and you liked it. 
- You may have tried talk therapy or coaching, or DIYing yourself and still feel stuck.

- You need an approach to healing that actually takes into account systems of power and oppression.
- You want to connect with other mixed people.

This program is NOT for you if:

- You are actively struggling with suicidal ideation, are in a domestic violence situation, or are otherwise unsafe or vulnerable in a way that would hinder your participation.

- Tuning into your body is super triggering. Reach out to see if 1:1 therapy or coaching is a better fit for you.

- You just want to watch without doing the exercises - I honor and welcome the days when you need to move more slowly, but this is a somatically oriented program and you’ll get the most out of it if you are open to movement and exploring body sensation.

- You aren’t interested in connecting with other mixed people - that’s honestly half the magic of this program!

Getting Started


Submit an application once registration opens.


Meet 1:1 with me to make sure it's a good fit.


Make your first payment & schedule your 1:1 sessions.


Complete intake paperwork.


Get excited to heal in community with others!

Investment Information

This program is a labor of deep love and I can't wait to share it with you! Your payment is an exchange for the physical, mental, and emotional labor I've put in to create this offer. When you sign up you'll get:

- 3 one-on-one sessions with me where we can work on anything that you want

- 1 group retreat + 5 additional workshops with a community of other mixed folks (and yes, the recordings!)

- A library of informational guides and videos for you to access on demand

- PLUS $20 off additional coaching sessions for 3 months following the program

See below for payment options and pick the one that works for you. There are three reduced fee spots for this program and they are on a first come, first serve basis. I've included some guidelines for how you might consider your payment selection but they are, of course, imperfect guidelines.

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Meeting your basic needs such as food, housing, and childcare is difficult.

$267/month for 4 months

Pay $1000 up front


You have access to basic needs, but the Standard Rate still feels out of reach.

$337/month for 4 months

Pay $1300 up front


You have a steady income and you don't worry about meeting your basic needs.

$397/month for 4 months
Pay $1500 up front


You are able to pay for "wants" and put away money in savings.

$437/month for 4 months

Pay $1700 up front

Want 1:1 support between sessions?

Add on Voxer (walkie-talkie) support Tuesdays through Thursdays for $75/month.

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  • Am I Mixed?
    If you identify as Mixed, mixed race, biracial, multiracial, or bi- or multicultural you are welcome to attend! I welcome my mixed sibs of all skin tones; I know sometimes my lighter-skinned mixed friends feel insecure about their mixed-ness. No judgement or assumptions here; if you feel like this program speaks at all to your experience you are welcome.
  • I've never tried somatics before...will I like it?
    Part of the intake process for this program will involve a free 1:1 consultation with me to make sure this program is the right fit for you. Somatics are mindful body-based practices; if you tend to like or have benefitted from mindfulness, yoga, exercising, you'll likely like this group! If you haven't tried any of those things, but you're curious you are also welcome. If you tend to feel extremely triggered or dissociate when paying attention to your body the group might not be the right fit for you; reach out to explore the possibility of 1:1 sessions where I can give you more support.
  • Do I have to have my camera on the entire time?
    Nope! Usually in Zoom groups I'm a video & audio muted girly, and I don't want to hold y'all to any standards I wouldn't hold myself to! I respect that you may have different needs each session, whether that be laying down while you listen or stimming that you'd prefer to do off camera. I will let you know if there are activities you need to be on camera for.
  • Will there be a recording for each session?
    Yes! Life happens and you might not be able to make every session live. Aside from 1:1 sessions, all group sessions will be recorded and available for you to watch even after the group ends. I just ask that you make your best effort to attend all sessions as the group element of this program is key 🔑.
  • I don't live in Michigan. Is that a problem?
    No! This is a virtual group and it is not psychotherapy. I look forward to welcoming a crew of mixed folks from across the globe.
  • I have a question that isn't answered here.
    Feel free to e-mail me at
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