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Gain clarity.
Feel confident.
Reclaim your life.

Trauma-Informed Somatic Therapy
in Ypsilanti, MI & online across Michigan.

Life as a mixed person or in an interracial couple is challenging.

Do any of the following sound like you?​

  • You tend to hide parts of who you are in order to be liked

  • You feel pressure to choose between your biological family and your partner

  • You tend to suppress your own needs to protect your relationships

  • You feel like an imposter

  • You don't feel like you are “enough” of something to claim it or belong

  • You don't feel understood well enough by the people in your life to develop more intimacy with them


If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re probably exhausted, and you’re dying to know --

Who am I underneath my trauma?

This is a photo of Raina LaGrand, therapist for mixed race adults and interracial couples

Hi, I'm Raina.

And helping people uncover who they are underneath their trauma is exactly what I help people do every day on an embodied level.

I’m a Mixed (Black + white), Queer (she/her) somatic trauma therapist, writer, and speaker/educator on Anishaanabe land (Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA) helping clients resolve insecurities, manage tough relationship dynamics and conflict, and build relationships from a confident, authentic, and embodied place. 

If you’re also ready to make life awesome, you are in the right place.


How I Help

Therapy for Mixed Race Adults

Life is hard when you aren't sure who you are or where you belong. Therapy can help you process traumatic experiences, confidently own your identities, and expand your social circle.

Therapy for Interracial Couples

Interracial couples face unique challenges, including communication differences, navigating racism, and raising healthy mixed kids. Couples therapy can help you process and cope with these challenges.

Nervous System Support

Targeted support for specific issues such as anxiety, triggers, insecurity, chronic pain, and more.

This service is open to everyone, regardless of identity or location.

Speaking & Writing Engagements

Beyond therapy and coaching, I’m also available for writing and speaking engagements. Topics include racial trauma, intergenerational trauma and unprocessed grief, mixed race identity, cultural healing, somatics and embodiment, or can be customized to your needs and preferences.



Land, Lineage & Liberation

I respectfully acknowledge that the land I live and work on is the unceded ancestral, traditional, and contempary Lands of the Anishinaabeg - Three Fires Confederacy of Ojibwe, Odawa, and Potowatomi peoples. I am indebted to the lineages of many healing modalities I have learned from, which are largely rooted in indigenous practices in India, Southern Africa, and what is now called the United States. I recognize that hatred is a tool of colonization and white supremacy, and I believe in the humanity of all bodies, identities, and abilities.

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