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Feel at home in your body and your relationships

Liberation-centered somatic therapy, coaching and courses helping mixed people, interracial couples, and people of all identities impacted by trauma heal from the inside out

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Get the free video practice for mixed people

Heal Your Belonging Wound

The free video practice that will help you finally experience belonging as a mixed person. Cultivate a solid sense of belonging from the inside out with the help of somatic practice.

Concrete Wall

Hi, I'm Raina.

I’m a somatic trauma therapist, belonging coach, yoga teacher, speaker and facilitator living on Anishinaabe land (Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA). My expertise and passion lands at the intersection of racial identity, trauma, relationships and belonging. ​I help mixed adults, interracial couples, and other people living with trauma feel whole and feel emotionally connected to others on an embodied level.​

If you’re ready to make life feel really, truly good, you are in the right place. 



You must be a Michigan resident to qualify for Therapy services. I also provide coaching and healing programs to mixed people globally.


I offer speaking, training, and facilitation services for mission-driven companies and organizations focused on emotional intelligence and embodiment for professionals. I'm also available for podcasts, panels and interviews for free.

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