Somatic Coaching

Feel better in your body. I can help you develop a thriving relationship with your body and your emotions.

Somatic coaching ​is a great option for those who want to work on something specific, are somatics-curious, or who already have an awesome therapist and want to supplement talk therapy with somatic strategies. Because I'm a also therapist, my somatic approach heavily leans towards the connection between the nervous system, our emotions, behaviors, impulses, and experience in our lives (relationships, career, health, etc.).


Somatic coaching is a good fit for those with: anxiety, chronic pain, depression, a trauma history, panic or persistent triggers, impulsive or compulsive behaviors, codependent behaviors, and more. If you don't see yourself on this list, don't worry - reach out for a consultation and we can discuss if we're a good fit.

Coaching sessions include:

  • Assessment of what you're struggling with, as well as what's working!

  • Education on the nervous system, emotions, behaviors, and stress & traumatic stress

  • Worksheets to help you map out your personal experience

  • Exploration of challenges, resistance, hopes and fears

  • Reflection on your relationship to movement and exercise, as well as stillness

  • Somatic practices that meet your unique needs

  • Incorporation of the things that matter to you: religion/spirituality, art, music, dance, culture, nature, you name it!

Ready to explore?

Book your Appointment now!

Use this link to schedule a session or a free consultation. I'll email you to confirm our method of communication (phone or video) and answer any preliminary questions. If you prefer, you can email or call me before scheduling.


$165 (50-minute sessions)

Interested in group coaching? Sessions are less expensive and offer space to connect and share with others.

Check out my calendar to see if there are any upcoming sessions.


During our first conversation, we can discuss goals and expectations with regards to how often you'd like to schedule coaching. I offer somatic coaching on a one-time or repeat basis!

Where do
we meet?

Coaching services are available for clients regardless of location; we can meet virtually. 


During the pandemic, I am working remotely. When it's safe, I will be happy to meet people virtually or in-person if you live in or near Ypsilanti, MI.

Level of

Note: My practice can not meet the high acuity needs of those who are actively suicidal, homicidal, have untreated substance addiction, active anorexia, are living in a domestic violence situation, have needed psychiatric hospitalization in the past year or who need a legal evaluation for disability, custody, or court-ordered treatment.  


Contact Me


Call or Text: 734-219-9797

I'm working remotely from Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA during the pandemic.

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