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Handle family conflict without losing your sh!t this holiday season!

Rooted This Year
with Raina LaGrand

A workshop for mixed folks, interracial couples, and other inbetweeners who want to create a different experience for themselves over the holidays.

Let’s be real. The holidays can be hard. 


Home is where the heart is, for some people. For some, it’s exactly the opposite or even somewhere inbetween. 


Mixed people, interracial couples, and other inbetweeners face unique challenges when it comes to navigating family dynamics. 


If you know you’re walking into a situation where you might be questioned, criticized, misunderstood, rejected, or otherwise triggered by family members it’s time to start planning.


There are so many ways you can prepare yourself to feel more grounded when stuff comes up and I want you to feel prepared this year. 

Rooted This Year is a workshop for mixed folks, interracial couples, and other inbetweeners who feel like a bundle of nerves when they think about spending time with family this upcoming holiday season. 

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"Raina is an incredible teacher who presents and engages with material in a really genuine way that in and of itself adds to the invitation of learning and experiencing as a participant. There was a really great balance of reflection, experimenting, and learning all woven together in a way that connected practice and theory. I really enjoyed exercises throughout the training and the range of options of how to do the exercises in an accessible way."

- Past community course participant

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After this 60-minute workshop you'll have everthing you need to feel:

1 / Crystal clear on your needs and boundaries in interacting with family and attending family events

2 / Mentally prepared for different scenarios that might come up.
3 / Confident in your ability to ground yourself and navigate big feelings
4 / Ready to shift your experience with your family in a different direction.
A peek at the agenda:
  1. Identity within families and conflict patterns

  2. Personal boundaries exploration

  3. Planning for before, during and after family events

  4. Somatic practices for coping

"Raina's workshops are loaded with great information. There was a helpful balance of theory/info/frameworks and more practical examples. We were invited to participate but could also hang back and just take it in, no pressure. I appreciate the welcoming feel, pacing, flow, and ability to revisit the recording later. Overall, a flexible, engaging, and educational experience."

- Past community course participant

The holidays can be hard enough. Proactively taking steps to out for yourself can make all the difference in making it through. 
Please note that while I am a therapist, I’m not your therapist. This class is not a substitute for therapy and I will not be able to attend to the individual emotional needs of participants.

If you worry you may be triggered or become emotionally overwhelmed I would recommend that you either (1) do not participate, or (2) you have a clear plan for participation such as watching with a friend or scheduling a therapy session following the event.
This is a photo of Raina LaGrand, therapist for mixed race adults and interracial couples

Hi, I'm Raina.

I’m a somatic therapist, yoga teacher, speaker and facilitator living on Anishinaabe land (Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA). My expertise and passion lands at the intersection of racial identity, emotions, trauma, relationships, and somatic practice.

I help mixed adults, interracial couples, and other inbetweeners people feel whole and feel emotionally connected to others on an embodied level.


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