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Parts Work for People in Relationships
On sale through January 3, 2022

How often do you think to yourself, “if my partner would just change X, our relationship would be better”? When we’re pissed off, it’s easy to point our finger. Yes - accountability has an important and healthy role in relationships. And, sometimes the reality is that we might actually be reacting from a deeper or older wound.


If you find yourself stuck in the same loops with your partner(s), we’re excited to introduce you to Parts Work. Parts Work allows us to hold space for both the complexity of our internal experience and that of our partners. When we can see activation as a part surfacing, rather than “this is my partner trying to be an asshole” we can feel more calm, collected, and open to our partner(s) and ourselves. We can respond from our wisest Selves.


In this workshop we’ll share strategies for recognizing activation, identifying and befriending parts, and tapping into your wise Self. A blend of Parts Work and Somatics, these skills can help you shift your individual internal experience of your relationship, which naturally creates space for new experiences to unfold between you and your partner(s).

Purchase the recording of this workshop today and you'll have access to watch the replay on demand for one month, or download and keep forever!
  • 49$
    Valid for one month
    • View this workshop on demand or download and keep forever!
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