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Why Somatics?

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

Somatics is an umbrella term for body-mind practices that increase our Self-insight, support nervous system regulation, and improve our experience navigating the world in our bodies.

Somatics does not expect us to be perfect. Somatics invites us into a lifelong practice; a relationship with our Selves. It asks us to notice our experience with curiosity and non-judgment. Somatics leaves space for our humanness, for our gravest mistakes, for the harm we might cause, for hitting rock bottom, again and again.

Somatics recognizes that our body-mind has been conditioned to live in a world filled with persistent threats and few reliable resources, and that this is even more true for those of us living in oppressed bodies. Somatics does not pathologize our reactions to living in a trauma-filled world.

Somatics is inherently an historical, political, and relational process. Your body does not exist in a vacuum. Your body carries the stories of your life and absorbs the stories of others, including your ancestors whose experiences are knotched within your DNA and the way your family members and caregivers modeled coping, caring, and connecting.

Somatics recognizes the inherent wisdom in our bodies, our communities, and our cultural and spiritual perspectives. Somatics helps us get back in touch with what we already know in our hearts and souls and traditions.

Somatics helps us balance what is unavailable with what is still possible. Somatics believes that we deserve to feel safe, healthy, and secure in our bodies, our relationships, and the entire world. Somatics provides us tangible skills for supporting ourselves and our loved-ones, and supports our capacity to continue visioning and creating a more conscious, safe, and equitable world.

More to come on:

  • How the nervous system functions

  • Self- and Co-regulation

  • White body supremacy & Traumatic retentions

  • Body wisdom

  • & More

In the meantime, check out some of my freebie somatic practices on Instagram live.

Want to dive in a little deeper? Book an appointment with me.

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