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I offer the following live trainings for groups, organizations, and businesses.​ I'm also available for facilitation & speaking opportunities on occasion. I do not offer pre-recorded lectures or practices.


Fees vary.

Contact me for more information

My teaching style includes a blend of presentation style, reflection and dialogue, and experiential learning. Topics I can speak on include:

  • Internalized and embodied racialized trauma

  • Interracial/mixed-race experiences

  • Intergenerational trauma & unprocessed grief

  • Somatic psychotherapy

  • Centering liberation in trauma treatment

  • Interrogating trauma treatment in the context of persistent systemic oppression.

See below for other, ready-made workshops.

Somatic Resourcing 101

Resources are the things (thoughts, people, places, hobbies, habits, etc.) we use to cope with and process our experiences. They can be internal or external, individual or relational, conscious or reflexive, cognitive or somatic. In this workshop, I provide education and facilitate somatic experiments to help participants explore the language and wisdom of their bodies. Participants should leave with both tangible knowledge and skills, as well as increased confidence in using somatic resources to support themselves.

Workshop Length: 1.5 hours

Audience: This workshop has been facilitated for a number of audiences (ages, contexts, etc.) and can be tailored to meet your group's unique needs. This workshop is good for teams as well as groups of unacquainted beings. 

Good to Notice: Harnessing Curiosity to Cultivate Change

Our bodies carry this question of “what’s next?” deep within. It’s a natural and reasonable survival tactic intended to help us respond quickly and effectively, and is strengthened by the experiences that have required hypervigilance. And while our survival certainly relies on our ability to be prepared and responsive, our capacity to grow and thrive asks us to look beyond the immediate and become incredibly curious about “what else?”

In sessions with clients I often use the phrase “good to notice” to help contain all the information that comes to us when we open up to noticing instead of just reacting. These moments of “good to notice” are portals into what’s possible (and the many, many iterations of those possibilities). Our curiosity is a gift for illuminating how change can unfold naturally, rather than with force or expectation. With attention and care, we can harness our curiosity to envision possibilities for change at all levels. 

Workshop Length: 1.5 hours

Audience: This workshop has been facilitated for a number of audiences (ages, contexts, etc.). This workshop is good for teams as well as groups of unacquainted beings. 

Embodied Care: Collective Approaches to Trauma, Grief, and Regulation

In this training participants will explore the collective/relational nature of the somatic-emotional experience. Topics include collective trauma and unprocessed grief, the impact of white supremacy and colonialism on somatic-emotional-relational health, and the synergy between self- and co-regulation. Participants are invited to consider individual and structural changes to transform trauma and oppression within relationships.

Training Length: 2 hours

Audience: This workshop has been facilitated primarily in professional settings for service providers and support staff, but would be good for any team environment.

Mindfulness: It's Not All In Your Head!

This training was created with my fellow clinicians in mind. Everyone knows mindfulness can be an important resource for a number of client concerns. This training addresses trauma-inclusive considerations to mindfulness and embodiment, including helping clients learn to notice and track autonomic arousal and increasing their access to safety and choice. Participants will be encouraged to explore creativity, validation, and other anti-oppressive strategies to support their client's capacity for mindfulness and embodiment.

Training Length: 2 hours

Audience: This workshop is primarily for other therapists, but has been presented to a job-diverse social worker setting as well.

Panels, Podcasts, & Interviews Available for Viewing

Redefining #HotGirlSummer: Black Women & Body Image @ Collaborative ChangeMakers. 2021.

Real Talk with Mental Health Professionals @ Michigan Black Therapy Fund. 2021.

How Emotions and Trauma are Held in the Body @ The Body Nerd Show. 2021.

Financial Healing @ Mind Money Balance Podcast. 2021.

What is Racial Trauma? @ Ann Arbor District Library. 2020.

Coping with COVID-19 Related Stress @ Ann Arbor District Library. 2020.


What people are saying

"Working with Raina to develop services for our students at the UM School of Music, Theatre & Dance was an absolute pleasure! She listened to our concerns with care and helped us design both asynchronous content and a weekly BIPOC Wellness Coaching Group for our students. Raina exudes warmth and a deep embodied understanding of the students' lived experience. I highly recommend Raina to anyone looking to explore their well-being in a meaningful and supported way."

Paola Savvidou

Wellness Initiative Program Manager, UM School of Music, Theatre & Dance

"My organization (a social justice community organizing organization) hired Raina to do a support/healing session after we went through some very difficult challenges that were outside of control. We are primarily a BIPOC organization (88% BIPOC), so it was important to find someone who understood racism and how it impacts our well being. I also wanted to work with someone who understood what the life of an organizer is like and how hard it can be. All this led me to Raina. She was so easy to work with, flexible, kind, and prepared. She held a healing/processing space for our team that was both restorative but also had some really great takeaway mindfulness practices. She also worked one on one with the staff for support sessions. I heard great feedback from our team about their experiences with her. I highly recommend her services for anyone seeking individual therapy, or for groups who are looking to bring in a mental health expert who is aware of race, class, and how impacts our bodies."

Maria Ibarra-Frayre

Deputy Director, We The People - Michigan

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