I offer trainings for groups, organizations, and businesses.​ I'm also available for facilitation, speaking, and certain consulting projects.


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My teaching style includes a blend of presentation style, reflection and dialogue, and experiential learning.

Somatic Resourcing 101

Resources are the things (thoughts, people, places, hobbies, habits, etc.) we use to cope with and process our experiences. They can be internal or external, individual or relational, conscious or reflexive, cognitive or somatic. In this workshop, I provide education and facilitate somatic experiments to help participants explore the language and wisdom of their bodies. Participants should leave with both tangible knowledge and skills, as well as increased confidence in using somatic resources to support themselves.

Workshop Length: 1 to 2 hours

Audience: This workshop has been facilitated for a number of audiences (ages, contexts, etc.) and can be tailored to meet your group's unique needs. This workshop is good for teams as well as groups of unacquainted beings. 

Embodied Care: Collective Approaches to Trauma, Grief, and Regulation

In this training participants will explore the collective/relational nature of the somatic-emotional experience. Topics include collective trauma and unprocessed grief, the impact of white supremacy and colonialism on somatic-emotional-relational health, and the synergy between self- and co-regulation. Participants are invited to consider individual and structural changes to transform trauma and oppression within relationships.

Training Length: 1.5 - 3 hours

Audience: This workshop has been facilitated primarily in professional settings for service providers and support staff, but would be good for any team environment.

Mindfulness: It's Not All In Your Head!

This training was created with my fellow clinicians in mind. Everyone knows mindfulness can be an important resource for a number of client concerns. This training addresses trauma-inclusive considerations to mindfulness and embodiment, including helping clients learn to notice and track autonomic arousal and increasing their access to safety and choice. Participants will be encouraged to explore creativity, validation, and other anti-oppressive strategies to support their client's capacity for mindfulness and embodiment.

Training Length: 2 to 3 hours

Audience: This workshop is primarily for other therapists, but has been presented to a job-diverse social worker setting as well.


Panels, Podcasts, & Interviews Available for Viewing

Redefining #HotGirlSummer: Black Women & Body Image @ Collaborative ChangeMakers. 2021.

Real Talk with Mental Health Professionals @ Michigan Black Therapy Fund. 2021.

How Emotions and Trauma are Held in the Body @ The Body Nerd Show. 2021.

Financial Healing @ Mind Money Balance Podcast. 2021.

What is Racial Trauma? @ Ann Arbor District Library. 2020.

Coping with COVID-19 Related Stress @ Ann Arbor District Library. 2020.