The Self-Care Syllabus
Resources for Transformative Embodied Healing

Trauma & The Body

Watch: The Triune Brain Therapy in a Nutshell 

Read: Window of Tolerance Debbie Augenthaler

Read: Neuroception – Our subconscious ability to detect threats, risks, and safety Noelle Benach

Resourcing Yourself

Listen: Complete the Stress Response Cycle Feminist Survival Project

Practice: 13 Steps for Managing Flashbacks Pete Walker

Listen: How Breathing Works Mindful Strength Podcast with Jennifer Snowdon

Practice: 3 Simple Tips to Alleviate Anxiety Jane Clapp 

Practice: Self-Regulation tool kit Jane Clapp

Practice: Alternate Nostril Breathing 

Read/Interact: You Feel Like Shit - a great interactive flow chart for people who struggle with self care, executive dysfunction, and/or who have trouble reading internal signals

Listen: The Fake Bride Hidden Brain - Who are you underneath your conditioning?

Co-regulation, Connection, & Community

Read: Emotional regulation in relationships – Whose job is it to make me feel OK? Justice Schanfarber 

Read: How Friends Help You Regulate Your Emotions Kira M. Newman

Read: Discover the Gift of Co-Regulation Hayden Lindsey  

Read: Self-care isn't enough. We need community care to thrive Heather Dockray

Practice: Why Not Awaken Bite-sized mindfulness and journaling practices that engage with today’s social, political, and cultural moment


Practice: Liberate mindfulness practices