Relationship Therapy

We are social creatures. Our existence depends on the relationships in our lives. And -  our relationships bring out our most vulnerable selves.  Wanting to feel secure, supported, or understood in our relationships is only natural. Healthy, reciprocal relationships add a level of wellness in our lives that is simply impossible in isolation. In order to get there, relationship therapy can help you interrupt unhelpful conflict patterns, understand the basis of your emotions and reactions, and find ways to connect and co-regulate. 



I provide relationship therapy to adults in all kinds of relationships: romantic partners, family members, friends, business partners, etc. I can help you create new patterns so that you feel connected and empowered in your relationship. I welcome all identities and all kinds of relationships. Right now I only work with two people at a time. If you need a therapist for a group of three or more I have plenty of amazing referrals to offer you.


My approach to relationship counseling integrates my training in cognitive therapies and somatic therapies, including how attachment and attunement show up in our relationships, the impact of trauma and oppression on our capacity to relate, and the healing capacity of relationships. I most heavily draw from Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, The Gottman Institute, parts work/Internal Family Systems Therapy, Family Systems Therapy, as well as feminist and cultural practices related to community and connection.

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Use this link to book your first appointment or a free 15-minute consultation. I'll email you to confirm our method of communication (phone or video) and answer any preliminary questions. If you prefer, you can email or call me before scheduling.


$185 (60-minute sessions)

Intakes are $225 (75 minutes)

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Appointment Frequency

I primarily work with people on a once-weekly or every-other-week basis. At first meeting weekly tends to be most effective.

Where do we meet?

During the pandemic, I am only offering teletherapy. I work with Michigan residents only.

When it's safe, I'll be happy to work with you in person if you live in or can travel to the Ypsilanti, MI area.