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Your Boundaries Can Change

The pandemic has been a really interesting experiment in boundaries and consent. As case numbers rise and fall, businesses have had to adjust and readjust their policies, schools have had to negotiate and renegotiate needs between teachers, parents, and students, and maybe even you’ve found ourselves having “the mask conversation” with your loved ones for the millionth time.

Let this be a lesson. Your boundaries can change. They are not written in stone. Boundaries can and should be dynamic, just like all other aspects of our lives. Peep below for a few reasons why.

  1. You’ve gained clarity. Our boundaries often change when we gain clarity on who we are or what we want. As we experience more clarity, we might feel more emboldened to own a boundary. Hopefully, we feel less internal conflict about whether our boundary is right or wrong or fair or not.

  2. An environmental factor has changed. Change is the only thing that we can expect in this life, eh? When things in our environment (home, town, family, workspace, etc.) change, it only makes sense that our boundaries might as well. Whether it’s that COVID cases are up, we have less spending money, or there’s an ice storm outside, all warrant checking in to make sure, you still good with this arrangement?

  3. You have other people to keep in mind. Depending on the circumstances, other people can be a huge factor in our own boundaries. Are you a new parent? The primary caregiver for your Aunt Nancy? Do you have a new employee at work? Your attention and capacity will likely change - and that’s fine!

Adjusting your boundaries isn’t a get out of jail free card situation; you don’t just get to set or adjust your boundaries once. Boundaries shouldn’t box you in. They should create more space for what you need and value.

Have other examples of when, where, or why your boundaries can change? Share below in the comments!

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