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Balancing Needs for
Space & Connection
in Relational Conflict

Friday, December 10
12-2pm ET
Recording available next day

Balancing Self- and Co-Regulation in Relationships (1).png

Relationships are essential to our wellbeing, biologically, socially, spiritually, and more. They are how we, as humans, have been able to survive for so long. They bring meaning to our lives, and they are often our resting spaces when we’re suffering. But what about when the conflict is between us?


Each of us have our own tendencies for coping with stress and conflict. Some of us turn inward; some of us turn outward. Some us us turn towards our relationship, while others might turn away.


Navigating the balance between space and connection can feel sticky when you’re looped into the dance. The urgency of our feelings and needs can overshadow our intention and/or impact. The truth is that both are necessary practices in relationships, conflict or not.


Join me for an embodied workshop in exploring the what, why, and how of balancing needs for space and connection during conflict.