Trauma Therapy

If you find you are holding traumatic stress in your body, mind, or spirit, I promise you there is hope.

I often meet people when they are most convinced that something is wrong with them. But, I deeply believe that therapy is not so much about what needs to be fixed, but rather uncovering what wisdom already lies within and practicing how to harness it. When we can learn to listen to our bodies, and respond with unconditional care, we can create a foundation to truly thrive despite the harm we've experienced. We all deserve that, right?

You may very well know this for yourself already - trauma is not just in your head. Trauma affects your whole body and your capacity to feel safe within it. In fact, our trauma patterns are often very sneaky to the point where it can be difficult to discern whether we are truly safe or in danger. 


That's why simply thinking ourselves out if it isn't the answer. We have to include your whole body in trauma treatment. That means getting clear on what exactly happens when you experience stressors or triggers; really being curious about why your existing patterns show up without judgement and rebuilding context where it's been lost. It also means being experimental; exploring what other tools or resources might exist or might you need. For some, it can also mean returning (in mind, body, or spirit) to the memory and creating a new outcome.

Here's what I think is the best part: You don't have to do this alone. In fact, healing works best with support.


I have extensive training in trauma treatment, in particular training that addresses the whole-body experience. That's where the word 'Somatics' comes into play for my business and therapeutic approach. I would be honored to support you in this part of your journey. I can help you feel more capable of finding safety within yourself and your relationships; I know this because I've helped other people too. Trust me, we can do this.


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