Therapy for Anxiety

I like to think of anxiety as a little kid inside of us who is screaming for help. Why? Because we have to give our anxiety a face and/or a name. Otherwise it's this amorphous entity that creeps up on us when we least expect it and least need it.

When we give it a face, so to speak, that creates space to look at, understand, and even - dare I say it - empathize with our anxiety rather than blaming it for all the trouble it causes us! Anxiety is often, but not always, the part of us that feels hopeless and incapable. It's a part of us that needs reassurance, or practice and support doing hard things.


I know it might be wild to read this, but I believe anxiety can be your friend. When we get to know anxiety better and develop strategies for tolerating it, anxiety can transform into a part of us that looks out for us and communicates any anticipated roadblocks.​

I can help you make nice with your anxiety and tap into the inherent power and capability inside of you. Trust me, you got this!


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