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Resources are the things we use to cope with stress; they can be internal or external, individual or relational, conscious or reflexive. Somatic resources are the coping resources we can or already do access through our bodies. Resourcing is the action of intentionally implementing resources, usually when you notice yourself feeling overwhelmed.


In this class, I'll share resources to help you explore the language and wisdom of your body. All bodies and abilities are welcome. Our time together will include some education, somatic practices (some that involve movement and others that do not), and there will be opportunities to share with other participants if you choose to do so. 


I've created this BIPOC only session to ensure some level of safety that a more open program might not have built in. I recognize that within the category of BIPOC there is tremendous diversity of experience. I hope that our shared experience of difference and oppression will help to shape the container of our time together. We will explore how different forms of oppression (racism, sexism, the gender binary, ablism, classism, capitalism, etc.)  impact our somatic experience and relationships. We will also explore the somatic experience of the rituals, traditions, and community spaces that have supported our survival and joy.

There is a sliding scale for this program in $5 increments.

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Logistical Info:

My work is inherently relational. I hope to cultivate a sense of connection amidst our collective isolation experience right now. This class is designed as a Zoom meeting, meaning all participants will be able to see each other. You can choose if you'd like to have your video on or off. If you are concerned about your privacy consider deleting/changing your name display on Zoom and/or turning off your video.

This class will not be recorded in pursuit of respecting the container of our shared experience and respecting the privacy of attendees. If you can not make it I will not send you the recording or refund you.