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Good to Notice

Harnessing Curiosity to Cultivate Change

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Service Description

Our bodies carry this question of “what’s next?” deep within. It’s a natural and reasonable survival tactic intended to help us respond quickly and effectively, and is strengthened by the experiences that have required hypervigilance. And while our survival certainly relies on our ability to be prepared and responsive, our capacity to grow and thrive asks us to look beyond the immediate and become incredibly curious about “what else?” In sessions with clients I often use the phrase “good to notice” to help contain all the information that comes to us when we open up to noticing instead of just reacting. These moments of “good to notice” are portals into what’s possible (and the many, many iterations of those possibilities). Our curiosity is a gift for illuminating how change can unfold naturally, rather than with force or expectation. With attention and care, we can harness our curiosity to envision possibilities for change at all levels. If you’ve been struggling with creating change in your personal life and/or want to explore your own embodied relationship to social change, this workshops for you. I’ll share somatic and psychological concepts related to curiosity, and I’ll also help you develop your own curiosity practice, including how to find safety and stability when things feel too open or un-contained. By registering you are consenting to be added to my email list.

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Michigan, USA

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