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A yoga-based embodiment class so you can cultivate friendships without worry and shame
You want friends. 


Or more friends. Or different friends. Friends that you feel more comfortable with or who share your interests.

But edging out space for yourself is hard. And even when you do, you’re quick to retreat when something stirs up anxiety.


Your confidence is fleeting, and this frustrates you because you long for supportive, loving, fun-filled relationships. 

June 17, 2023
11 am - 2 pm ET on Zoom
You want to feel like you can take your whole self everywhere and that you’ll be welcomed with open arms.


I want that for you too, and I know you can have it. But, there's something you need to acknowledge:

Friendships aren't effortless. Friends don't always just find us. And our fantasies about friendships are holding us back.
Are you trapped in one of these fantasies?

The fantasy of having one BFF

 The fantasy of having a singular (and drama free!) group of friends where all your needs are met

 The fantasy that your family will provide all the friendship you need

 The fantasy that a romantic partner will be your best friend

Don’t get me wrong, these things are all possible, but just because you don’t have them doesn’t mean that you can’t feel fulfilled in your social life.


In order to make the kinds of friends you really want, you have to loosen the reins on the fantasies you’ve been fixated on and open yourself up to other possibilities.


Shifting your focus is like taking a giant leap over a rumbling river without knowing how far the other side is. It naturally brings up raw emotions and physical discomfort.


Your body is an access point for grounding yourself and a tool for getting more comfortable with the in-between of relationship-building.
Rooted & Rising is a yoga-based approach to help you develop this kind of relationship with your body.
A brown, potentially mixed race woman, doing a virtual yoga class.

"I appreciate Raina’s loving up on the experiences of mixed folks, how she created and held space for us to get embodied and practice some yoga feeling the connection between where we come from and who we are, and to share space with other mixed folks who have similar concerns, fears, worries and experiences. It was so sweet to be able to use yoga as a way to tend to ourselves in our wholeness as mixed folks while also tending to what is hard."


- Past participant

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In Rooted & Rising I share skills and practices that will help you build that relationship with yourself:

1 / My PIER practice for weathering big emotions.

Learn how to cultivate presence, investigate what you're feeling, extend a metaphorical hand to yourself, and respond to your needs with confidence.

2 / Cultivating a sense of rootedness in your body.

When you can literally feel rooted, grounded, and centered in your body, you can use that feeling as a secure base and a launch pad to go out and explore the possibilities of friendship and community.

3 / Getting more comfortable with the jitters that accompany putting yourself out there and taking risks.

Putting yourself out there requires that you grow your capacity to deal with discomfort, anxiety, insecurities, and more. But in doing so, you'll also be able to access joy, pleasure, connection, and all the things you've been longing for.

Copy of Yoga in the Park (3200 × 3000 px) (1).png

So that you can...

1 / Put yourself out there and stay out there.

Feel more comfortable meeting new people and more confident about who you are. Build trust with yourself that you can handle anything.

2 / Soothe yourself when you’re triggered

Taking risks can be hard! Learn to comfort yourself so you don't have to keep running away when you feel insecure or anxious.

3 / Enjoy the FUN of making friends

If you're willing to put up with a bit of anxiety and awkwardness, you'll find building community can also be playful and pleasurable. With time and practice, it becomes a way of life rather than a chore you have to do because you're lonely.

Copy of Yoga in the Park (3200 × 3000 px) (1)_edited.jpg
Rooted & Rising is a yoga-based embodiment class. Our time together will include:


 Nervous system regulation skill building 

 Mindfulness practices

 Yoga asanas and other somatic experiments

 Reflection questions

 And connecting with other mixed people!


Please note that while I am a therapist, I’m not your therapist. This class is not a substitute for therapy. While vulnerability is encouraged, in order to honor the safety rights for all participants folks will be discouraged from sharing specific details about traumatic experiences, instances of racism, and so on.

Join me on June 17, 2023
11 am - 2 pm ET

"Raina's workshops are loaded with great information. There was a helpful balance of theory/info/frameworks and more practical examples. We were invited to participate but could also hang back and just take it in, no pressure. I appreciate the welcoming feel, pacing, flow, and ability to revisit the recording later. Overall, a flexible, engaging, and educational experience."

- Past Participant

This is a photo of Raina LaGrand, therapist for mixed race adults and interracial couples

Hi, I'm Raina.

I’m a Mixed (Black + white), Queer (she/her) somatic trauma therapist, yoga teacher, and speaker/facilitator on Anishaanabe land (Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA) specializing in racial trauma, identity and relationships.


I help mixed people and interracial couples people uncover who they are underneath their trauma so they can build healthy and satisfying relationships.




Do I need to have yoga experience?

Nope! This class is accessible for all experience levels, including those with absolutely none. The biggest thing to know is that we will be moving up and down from the ground. This class is not a workout, by any means, but you might get a little warm now and then from moving around. I do welcome people of all body-abilities and mobility levels, even if getting up and down from the floor doesn't work for you; I can offer modifications.

Is this workshop for people like me?

If you identify as Mixed, mixed race, biracial, multiracial, or bi- or multicultural you are welcome to attend! I welcome my mixed sibs of all skin tones; I know sometimes my lighter-skinned mixed friends feel insecure about their mixed-ness. No judgement or assumptions here; if you feel like this workshop speaks at all to your experience you are welcome.

What do I need to bring?

If you have one, bring a yoga mat. If you're interested in growing your yoga practice I also recommend having a pair of yoga blocks, a strap, and a blanket

I can't attend live, should I still sign up?

While I will send the replay to participants, I ask that you please only sign up if you know you can come. Of course, life might happen, and you might not make it, but this workshop is best facilitated in community with active participation. Furthermore, I want folks to feel like they can be vulnerable here, without worrying about who will be watching the replay later.

Do I need to have my camera on?

Nope! Feel free to turn your camera on and off as you please.

Have other questions?

Feel free to email me:

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