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Nervous System Support
Somatic Coaching for all Identities

Do you want to feel better in your body?

I get it! As a person who's experienced both chronic pain and anxiety I know what it's like to feel trapped in your body, unable to soothe yourself, or figure out what you need.

When I first starting learning about trauma, stress, and the nervous system I felt like everything finally made sense. I finally made sense. And I felt like I had options. I was seeing that it was possible to feel more prepared to care for myself and conquer the stuff that overwhelmed me.

I've worked with hundreds of folks on increasing their own capacity for Self-care, emotion regulation, and transformation, and I'd be honored to help you do the same.

These Nervous System Support sessions provide goal-specific support focused on improving somatic awareness, comfort, and confidence.

Through these sessions you will be able to:

  1. Befriend your body and the symptoms that are stressing you out

  2. Practice discerning and responding to your needs

  3. Develop your own embodiment “cheat sheet”

  4. Feel confident in guiding yourself

While most of my services are specifically for Mixed people and interracial couples, Nervous System Support Sessions are open to all identities!

Coaching sessions are not psychotherapy. Coaching is more focused and direct than a therapy session and is best suited for those who feel relatively resourced and stable. In general, my practice can not meet the needs of those who are actively suicidal, homicidal, have untreated substance addiction, active anorexia, are living in a domestic violence situation, or who have needed psychiatric hospitalization in the past year.

A consultation is a great way to get started. I offer free 20-minute video consultations to answer any of your questions and make sure what I've got is a good fit for your needs. ​From there we can schedule your first official session.

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Investment Information

$190 per session

Sessions are 50-minutes each

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Where do we meet?

Coaching services are available for clients regardless of location; we can meet virtually. 

I work with coaching clients all around the world.

If you live in or near Ypsilanti, MI, I would be happy to host you in my office.

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