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Couples Therapy
For Interracial Couples

What makes couples compatible? Do opposites attract? Or do birds of a feather flock together?

These are age-old questions. And while they aren’t bad questions, similarities and differences alone don’t determine the strength or success of a relationship. What matters even more is how those similarities and differences are acknowledged and handled.


Our background and identities in particular have significant impacts on the ways we experience the world, how we behave in it, and what we expect from it. They are highly relevant in our relationships and when we don’t treat them as such it’s only natural for defensiveness and hostility to brew.


Whether you’re experiencing one of these raw moments in your relationship or want to do the work of honoring and intentionally preparing for these dynamics you are in the right place. I help couples navigating identity differences, identity changes, or evolving identities find their way through. 

I believe the relationships we choose are opportunities to practice new behaviors and values that weren't available to us in previous relationships. While you may worry that differences, disagreement, misunderstanding, or insecurity in relationships signals failure, with the right skills we can use these moments to foster deeper connection and fulfillment. 


The couples I work with often identify as interracial or Queer, and I work with many couples in which one partner has recently come out. I welcome those practicing or interested in non-monogamy. However, if you don’t see yourself in any of those labels please still feel free to schedule a consultation. 


Sessions include talking, as well as movement, mindfulness, art, and more; we will often see what unfolds organically, but if you have preferences we can absolutely talk about them. With couples therapy in particular, I may take a more passive role so as to allow you and your partner(s) to be focused on each other. While everything is indeed connected, we try to frame each session around a primary theme or experience related to your overall goal(s). You can learn more about my background and approach here

My approach to relationship therapy integrates somatics, Parts Work/Internal Family Systems Therapy, Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, and I am also trained in the Gottman Method. 

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Duration and Frequency

I work with couples on a weekly or every-other-week basis.

Where do we meet?

I provide both in-person and virtual services for couples living in Michigan. I'm based in Ypsilanti, MI, and if you are nearby you are more than welcome in my office.


If you live out of state, you might consider my coaching services.

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