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Find peace.
Take up
Feel like
you belong.

Somatic Therapy
for Anti-Racist Inbetweeners
in Michigan

You're straddling two worlds.

Our world caters to people who fit into neat and clean categories. When you don't, you're penalized or ostracized. Sometimes outright, but more often than not it's like a thousand little paper cuts.


If you're an inbetweener you've learned - through how people treat you, what they say to you, even just how they look at you - that you're different

You might even be dealing with rejection from your family and within the other relationships and spaces where you are "supposed" to be safe and protected. It's a painful and lonely experience.

You have big feelings and you’re not sure what to do with them.

This impacts how you show up in the world. Many inbetweeners struggle with confidence, and instead fall into people-pleasing tendencies or try to "stay out of the way." Others feel filled with rage and resentment.


If you're here on this page, it's because you want to feel better. You want to better understand yourself and be able to speak about who you are with confidence. You want to feel more capable of navigating your big feelings instead of feeling completely flooded by them. And you want to build relationships where you can metaphorically exhale.

You can feel better.

Somatic therapy can help you improve your relationship with yourself, feel closer to others, and develop the emotional strength needed to resist the oppressive institutions that perpetuate the very discrimination that keeps inbetweeners like you isolated.

Some of the clients I work with are:

  • Queer people in straight assumed relationships

  • Black, Indigenous, and People of Color working in predominately white institutions

  • Adoptees

  • People in interracial relationships facing extended family conflict

  • First and second generation immigrants

  • First generation college students

  • And more!

I'd be honored to be a support to you in your journey.

Learn more about the history and purpose of somatic approaches on my blog.

What are sessions like?



We'll begin each session with centering. This can time for you to settle in silently or I can facilitate a simple practice. The goal is for you to fully transition to our time together, and to notice what's coming up for you and how you want to spend our time.


Setting the Frame


It's important that we generally have one focus area each session. If there are multiple things pulling at you, we can start with one and see if we have time for more. It's also possible that we might be able to find a common theme amongst them.


Focused Exploration


This is the "meat" of our session. Depending on what's coming up for you we may do more talking or we may do more somatic stuff. This could include grounding practice, exploring sensation or experimenting with different postures, and more.


Connection to Goals


Toward the end of the session, let's check in on your overarching goals. We'll notice what you're taking with you from the session and what you'd like to explore more in future sessions.

Benefits of Working Together

Befriend Your Body

You might be asking yourself, “why do I feel this way?” or “why do I always do this?”. Together, we’ll explore your patterns and where they come from. From there, You can make choices that are more in alignment with what feels good. Imagine being present in life and feeling capable of meeting your own needs instead of feeling completely overwhelmed or looking to others to fix you.

Speak Your Truth


You've rewritten your narrative a million times. So often as inbetweeners we fall into people pleasing and shape shifting. Imagine feeling more comfortable talking about your identity, and feeling capable of handling people who question it. Imagine embracing the ways your identity evolves over time.

Find peace with your family

Do you feel like you've had to push for your family to see you more fully? Do you have to defend yourself from unsolicited feedback about your identity? Imagine feeling more clear about what you want your relationship with your family to look like and confidently communicating your boundaries.

Cultivate the friendships you've always dreamed of

You want to feel a sense of community. I’ll help you get clear on what you value in friendship so you can suss out the right people, and take actions to make new friends and get closer to your existing friends. Imagine having relationships where you can just be yourself.

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