Couples Therapy

Relationships bring a lot of joy and pleasure into our lives. They also invoke our deepest vulnerabilities. 


When our relationships are difficult it's easy to quickly question our partner's intentions or the viability of our relationship. We might even question our own skills or integrity within the relationship. It's certainly often harder to turn back towards ourselves and our partners with openness, curiosity, and compassion. But, when mutual, it's also incredibly rewarding.

Many clients come to me with hopes of building healthier relationships than they witnessed growing up, or see in their communities, or even in the media. Relational ruptures are normal in even healthy relationships, but we also live in a society where most of us aren't taught how to repair those ruptures. Relationship therapy can help you interrupt unhelpful conflict patterns, understand the emotions and past experiences underneath your reactions and communication styles, and find ways to connect and co-regulate.

Each of us deserves healthy relationships and beloved community. You can experience a healthy, secure relationship!



I primarily provide relationship therapy for adults in romantic partnerships, but have also worked within the context of other relationships. I can help you create new patterns so that you feel connected and empowered in your relationship. In particular, I can help you identify and transform relationship patterns stemming from traumatic experiences whether interpersonal or systemic. I welcome all identities and relationship structures.


My approach to relationship counseling integrates my training in cognitive therapies and somatic therapies, including how attachment and attunement show up in our relationships, the impact of trauma and oppression on our capacity to relate, and the healing capacity of relationships. I most heavily draw from Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, The Gottman Institute, parts work/Internal Family Systems Therapy, Family Systems Therapy, as well as feminist and cultural practices related to community, pleasure, and connection.

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